Stephen Reynolds Quoted in Indiana Lawyer: “ABA Urges ‘Reasonable Efforts’ to Avoid Cyberattacks”

"...Further, Stephen Reynolds, an Ice Miller LLP partner who co-chairs the firm’s Data Security and Privacy Practice Group, said training attorneys on their firm’s cybersecurity practices is another effective risk management tool that can mitigate the chance of an employee accidentally causing a data breach within the firm. But training must be done regularly to ensure attorneys and other employees understand how cybersecurity practices evolve over time, he said..."

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Buddy Downs and Erik Long Mentioned in Indianapolis Business Journal: “Lawyers Who Make a Positive Impact”

"...Members of the legal community were asked to nominate attorneys with a minimum tenure of 20 years who they feel have earned the title “distinguished barrister.” These veterans have shepherded their firms, clients, companies and organizations through evolving markets and game-changing innovations in the practice of law. Their handprints are on case law and statutes that affect how we live and work in this state and world."

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