Strategic Services

Ice Miller Strategies provides strategic counsel and government affairs services to help organizations achieve their federal legislative and regulatory objectives. Whether clients are seeking to leverage new opportunities or mitigate threats to their operations, we develop and execute customized strategies to help meet their goals.

Engaging the process early is essential. Understanding in advance how organizations could be affected by current and future government decisions allows us to develop innovative programs and gives clients the ability to make more informed decisions. Whether those decisions involve adapting organizational models to respond to specific government actions or seeking to alter existing policies impacting client operations, our value provides clients with the needed strategic options to be successful.

Seemingly routine proceedings and decisions made in Washington can significantly impact businesses and organizations; sometimes altering entire industries. Laws and regulations are more complex, cumbersome and plentiful than ever before. Moreover, the federal government has long term policy goals, often unnoticed, that many times take years to develop and implement. As these polices are executed, organizations need to understand how they might be impacted and how they can appropriately respond.

Predictive insight is required to determine how potential government actions can affect industries and organizations. With the benefit of strategies and options developed by Ice Miller Strategies at their disposal, clients gain this insight, allowing them an advantage in addressing potential opportunities and threats.

Add to this our depth of understanding of current laws, regulations and amendment processes, and the value of our strategic counsel becomes even more apparent.

Leveraging Opportunities, Avoiding Adverse Outcomes

Government decisions often result in unintended and unnecessary consequences that have a profound impact on organizations. These situations arise because government decision makers lack all the necessary information required to avoid adverse collateral outcomes.

As former senior Congressional Committee staff, the principals of Ice Miller Strategies spent years drafting and negotiating some of the most complex laws and funding mechanisms considered by Congress. They understand the legislative process and how to explain and advocate for different available options. They work to identify both opportunities and problem areas in existing and proposed legislation or regulations and then to alter those policies to benefit client organizations.

This begins with an understanding of client business or organizational models, structures and goals. An advance understanding of clients' organizations allows us to analyze how existing or proposed polices - and the laws and regulations that authorize, appropriate or oversee them -- will impact their operations. Our experience has shown this to be an essential practice to maximize our advocacy on behalf clients' legislative and regulatory goals and objectives.